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19 Charts That Will Help You Be An Actual Adult

Welcome to the real world, where you realize you don't know how to do anything.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

1. For getting that interview:

College Atlas / Via

2. And for landing the job:

College Atlas / Via

3. For getting a good night's sleep:

4. For not getting fucked over by your apartment hunt:

5. And for having all the necessities when you move in:

6. For accepting compliments like a grown-ass adult:

7. For not blowing all your money:

Anna Borges / BuzzFeed / Via

For more information on how to break down your budget, look here.

8. For not wasting your groceries:

BuzzFeed / Via

9. For being responsible on social media: / Creative Commons

10. For having healthy, grown-up relationships:

Jen Moff /

11. For preparing for emergencies:

Center for Disease Control and Prevention / Via

12. For pairing your food with something other than the second cheapest bottle of wine:

Wine Folly / Via

13. For figuring out who you definitely should not live with:

14. For hacking your vitamin intake:

Health Perch / Via

15. For getting rid of stuff you really don't need anymore:

16. For knowing what to do if you get pulled over:

Online Paralegal Programs / Via

17. For working out without things being super-complicated:

Photos by Lauren Zaser for BuzzFeed / Design by Chris Ritter for BuzzFeed / Via

OK, so this doesn't show all the workouts, but you can find each individual infographic here.

18. For dividing recipes the easy way when you're cooking for only yourself:

PLAINWORKS Communication Design / Via

19. For when you're having an inevitable quarter-life crisis:

Funders and Founders / Anna Vital / Via