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Tell Us Which YA Book Totally Nailed Struggling With Mental Health

Tell us which ones made you say, "Yep, this is it. This is exactly it."

Books about mental health and mental illness can be wonderful tools to de-stigmatize, educate, or make you feel less alone about what you’re going through.

And YA is a bomb genre to do that.

But at the same time, it’s easy to miss the mark when writing about sensitive topics, so we want to know: What are your favorite YA books that actually nail it?

Maybe there’s a book that helped illuminate something you were going through but didn’t know how to articulate.

Or maybe there's one you always rec for people who want to understand a loved one's struggle.

Maybe a book is your favorite because it actually hits on a super-underrepresented identity.

Maybe there’s a great novel where characters grapple with mental health problems — without the whole book revolving around it.

Or maybe there’s one that blew you away with how truthfully it portrays a mental illness?

Share your favorites in the comments below and make sure to say what makes it so magical.