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29 Times Socially Anxious People Almost Dropped Out Of College

“Participation counts for 20% of your grade.” *passes out*

1. When you arrive on campus with no friends and have to start from scratch.

FOX / Via

All your hard socialization work in high school = down the drain.

2. Questioning whether the friends you made in your first week really like you or if they will abandon ship at the first opportunity.

Oh god, what are you going to do after you get out of the orientation honeymoon period?

3. Three words: Random. Roommate. Assignments.

Columbia Pictures / Via

No amount of friendly Facebook messaging beforehand could prepare you for having to live with a complete stranger.

4. "Participation counts for 20% of your grade."

Heyday Films / Via


5. "You can choose your own groups for this next project!"

Lions Gate / Via


6. Playing the "Class Friend or Real Friend?" game.

7. When you run into that one friend-slash-acquaintance whose name you don't know because you've now passed the point where it was OK to ask.

Cartoon Network / Via

You just know one day you'll have to introduce them to someone and your world will come crashing down around you.

8. Going to the dining hall by yourself because your friends are all in class.

Anna Borges / BuzzFeed

Or rather, hiding in your room munching on care package snacks from your parents until someone frees up to go with you, because sitting alone = nope nope nope.

9. Awkwardly explaining that yes, you WANT to stay in and do nothing as everyone on your floor gets ready to go out on Friday night. / Via

"No, really, go on without me, because going to that party with you guys sounds like my own personal circle of hell! Have fun!"

10. Or awkwardly WANTING to go out with everyone on Friday night, but making excuses for why you want to stay in, anyway.

"No, really, go on without me! I secretly want to say yes, but I have a strong suspicion that you're just asking me to be nice, but you don't ACTUALLY want me to go, so I'll do you the favor and politely decline."

11. Icebreakers in every new class.

12. Emailing your professor in any capacity.

SlugBooks / Creative Commons / Via

13. Holding your pee when there are people partying in the hall outside your room so you don't have to walk in front of them on your way to the bathroom.

NBC / Via

Because they would DEFINITELY THINK YOU'RE LAME for being in your room by yourself while they're out there having fun.

14. Suffering through the same small talk conversation with every new person you run into.

NBC / Via

"Where are you from?"

"What's your major?"

"Where do you live on campus?"


15. When you accept a bunch of invitations from potential new friends in a fit of optimism only to freak out and cancel them later.

CWTV / Via

The idea of socializing with new people = so much better than actually going through with it.

16. Carefully planning a question to ask in class, getting up the courage to actually ask it — and then word vomiting everywhere.

17. Winding up super sick because you can't convince yourself to go to the on-campus health clinic.

18. Trying to sneak in quietly when you're late to a lecture, but managing to capture EVERYONE'S attention anyway.

FOX / Via

Literal walk of shame.

19. Getting way too drunk at a party, because a little ~liquid courage~ sounded like a good idea at the time.

And then consequently SWEARING OFF SOCIALIZING FOREVER as you nurse your hangover.

20. When you need to go to office hours for help but you would rather risk failing than spend one-on-one time with your professor.

NBC / Via

You do NOT have the mental energy to play the dangerous game of "Can I keep up the illusion that I'm not six chapters behind on the reading?"

21. Holding in coughs in class so you don't disrupt anyone.

22. Holding on to your test until someone else finishes first so you won't be the first one to walk up.

Twentieth Century Fox / Via

Am I done early because I studied or because I got literally everything wrong?!

23. Attempting to meet someone outside of Tinder or OkCupid.

LOL, what is dating?

24. When you show up to a new club meeting where you don't know anyone...and everyone already knows each other.

SNL Studios / Via

Did they see me? Can I leave?

25. Dropping a class when you find out that it involves a big presentation BECAUSE NOPE.

WE tv / Via

There is no way you're going to spend a whole semester dreading 10 minutes of torture.

26. When people in your dorm insist on small talk in the communal bathrooms. / Via

You're not even safe from social interaction while peeing. Is nothing sacred?

27. Arriving to a party/class/event before any of your friends do.

28. Or arriving late, after they're already wasted and IMPOSSIBLE to track down.

29. Attempting to reinvent yourself as someone who isn't a Socially Anxious Mess™ in every new social situation...and failing.

But luckily, you eventually figure out that it's no fun trying to be someone you're not and that you're totally awesome — social anxiety included.

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