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We Want You To Sketch Your Butt


It's no secret that butts are a superior body part.

Because they're so magnificent, we have a challenge for you: Sketch your wonderfully unique butt and send it our way.

Yes, really. You don’t need any artistic talent. Something simple will do.

Look at these crappy sketches I did. DO YOU SEE HOW LITTLE TALENT IT TAKES?

We want to see all the butts. Big butts and little butts, hairy butts and smooth butts.

Long butts, short butts, perky butts, saggy butts! Guy butts! Girl butts! Non-binary butts!

Feel free to get as detailed as you want and don't be afraid to include cellulite, stretch marks, hair, moles, and everything else that make your butt your butt.

Upload them via the DropBox below and feel free to supplement with a written description if you need.

Your submission could be included in an upcoming BuzzFeed Health post. If you need inspiration, check out some of the submissions we got on our callout for boobs.