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    23 Not-Overwhelming Ways To Work Out When You're Depressed

    Because no, it's not easy.

    When you're dealing with depression, exercise is a great way to alleviate some of your symptoms — but actually doing it can feel like a herculean task.

    1. Try a seven-minute workout app to get a quick workout that doesn't require you to leave your bedroom.


    2. Write a letter to yourself as a reminder that you'll feel good after you sweat a little.

    3. Start your day off by stretching in bed.

    4. Carry around your workout gear just in case.

    5. Exercise at home where you won't feel watched or judged.

    6. Don't put pressure on yourself to complete a whole program or stick to a strict schedule.

    7. Make your after-workout shower super luxurious so you have something to look forward to.

    8. Queue up an inspirational playlist and get out into nature.

    9. Listen to podcasts or audiobooks so exercise feels less like exercise.

    10. Integrate exercise into your day in non-negotiable ways.

    11. Get an app that makes exercise a game (like Zombies, Run!) or that tricks you into working out (like Pokémon Go).

    12. Track your exercise and progress for that extra boost of motivation.

    13. Consider renting equipment for a more accessible alternative to the gym.

    14. Put on the gear even if you don't feel like working out.

    15. Work out with friends to stay accountable (and to make it more fun, tbh).

    16. Plan your workouts in a super honest and specific way.

    17. Sign up for classes ahead of time so you're more likely to follow through.

    18. Start with small goals because a little is better than nothing, and you might wind up doing more anyway.

    19. Invest in some new colorful workout gear.

    20. Dance around your room to pump-up music, seriously.

    21. Give yoga a chance just to see how it feels.

    22. Trust that your body will eventually get on board with your routine — and you might even wind up liking it.

    23. Above all, be kind to yourself and accept that some days it's not going to happen — and that's okay.

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