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Non-Drinkers, What Annoying Misconceptions About Sobriety Do You Want To Clear Up?

Navigating the world when you don't drink can be frustrating, so come share what you want people to know.

Choosing not to drink for whatever reason is totally your business, but people can be nosy, ignorant, insensitive, or all of the above, TBH.

So no matter your reason for not drinking — health, personal preference, religion, history of substance abuse, whatever — we want to know everything you wish other people knew.

Maybe you want to tell people that yes, you can still have fun even though you're not drinking.

Or maybe you'd remind people not to assume someone's reasons for being sober.

Maybe you want to remind people the importance of having non-alcoholic drink options at their parties.

Or maybe you want people to know that you're not looking down on them for drinking.

Whatever it is, share in the comments below, and your responses could be included in an upcoming Goodful post.