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Tell Us About A Time You Got Mansplained To At The Gym

Because you never can work out in peace.

If you're a woman who exists in this world, you've probably dealt with mansplaining.

And if you're a woman who works out at the gym, you probably have at least a handful of mansplaining horror stories up your sleeve.

So we want you to share your stories about the dumbest, most ridiculous, and frustrating shit that’s been mansplained to you at the gym.

You know, when dudes gave you unsolicited advice on form.

Or offered to teach you the best way to use a machine even though you knew what you were doing.

Or when they straight up had no idea what they were talking about but tried mansplaining anyway.

The possibilities are endless. Share you most cringe-worthy horror story in the comments below and it could appear in an upcoming BuzzFeed Health post.