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    26 Times Squidward Summed Up What It's Like To Be Depressed

    Tell me to ~just cheer up~ one more time.

    1. When you wake up on a bad day and have to face the prospect of getting out of bed.

    2. And then when you actually try.

    3. When someone asks how you are and you don’t know if they want the honest answer or not.

    4. When you try to do something you used to enjoy.

    5. When someone tells you to just exercise since it'll definitely help.

    6. When you think a little fresh air might make you feel better.

    7. When someone tells you to ~just cheer up~.

    8. When you haven't been hungry in a day but know you need to eat for "staying alive" reasons.

    9. When you go to work even though you really, really need a mental health day.

    10. When you get home after a long day of pretending to be a functioning human being.

    11. When you think of the plans you've canceled because your depression was acting up.

    12. When you’re out with friends and a mood change strikes out of nowhere.

    13. When you make one tiny mistake.

    14. When you think about the to-do list you don’t have the energy to tackle.

    15. When you try to do something despite your depression acting up.

    16. When you're wishing bubble baths were as transformative as self-care enthusiasts make them seem.

    17. When anxiety pops up right alongside your depression.

    18. When you hit the point when you're feeling nothing at all.

    19. When your sex drive takes a giant hit.

    20. When you look about as good as you feel.

    21. When other people having fun when you can't makes you irrationally irritable AF.

    22. When those depression headaches hit.

    23. When something small goes wrong on an already bad day.

    24. When you come down from an episode and remember your depression is a damn liar.

    25. When you have one good day and are like, "Mental illness who???"

    26. When you find a treatment plan that actually works for you.