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15 Incredibly Frustrating Similarities Between Therapy And Dating

OK, this is clearly not working — do I really have to stay for the full hour?

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If you've spent much time looking for a therapist, you may have noticed it can feel eerily similar to another tedious search in your

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Sure, both are worth it in the end, but that doesn't mean the process doesn't suck sometimes.


3. You consider letting your friend set you up with someone they've heard good things about (or maybe even tried themselves), but that's...weird.

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There are few things you don't want to have in common with your friends, but someone who knows all of your neuroses and vulnerabilities just might be one of them.

4. You have to make a decision about who's your ~type~.

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Birds of a feather or opposites attract? Would you do better with cognitive behavioral therapy or psychotherapy? Are you really equipped to decide what your perfect match would be?