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23 Hilarious Tumblr Posts For Anyone Who Wears Glasses

Anyone who says they can keep their glasses clean is a LIAR.

1. This flawless comeback:

2. This stressful moment:

3. And this equally disorienting one:

4. This dance of the glasses-less:

5. This unhelpful piece of advice:

6. This losing battle:

7. This crazy concept:

8. This foolproof move:

9. This bit of advice that will make you say "Oh, honey":

10. That awkward moment:

11. This thing that happens every fucking time:

12. This keen observation:

13. This important personality indicator:

14. This proof that there are two kinds of people:

15. This unfortunate side effect:

16. This recipe for disaster:

17. This defining childhood moment:

18. This cold, hard truth:

19. This coping mechanism:

20. This glasses callout:

21. This world of difference:

22. This far from definitive list:

23. This completely suave moment: