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What Are Your Best Tips For Traveling With Anxiety?

Because anxiety doesn't have to ruin your vacation.

Traveling is amazing, but it can also be stressful. And your anxiety doesn’t take a vacation just because you do.

But it also sucks to let anxious thoughts ruin your chance at an incredible time.

So we want to know: Whether you have an anxiety disorder or get panicked about traveling in general, what are your best tips for dealing with it?

Maybe you plan vacations that are specifically focused on wellness and relaxation.

Or maybe you bring some of your home comforts with you to stay grounded.

Perhaps you perfected some breathing exercises that help when a foreign place feels overwhelming.

Maybe you've found that booking tours instead of handling the details yourself calms you down.

Or maybe you do better when you plan things down to a T.

Whatever it is, tell us in the comments below and your response might be included in an upcoming BuzzFeed post.