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    15 Phrases That Are Basically Sex To Socially Anxious People

    "We can leave after an hour." OH THANK GOD.

    1. When a party invitation comes with this:

    2. When a low-key night with friends trumps a big night out with strangers every time:

    3. When you've been putting off doing that Adult Thing because it involves using the damn phone:

    4. When you apparently pulled off acting like a functioning human being in a social setting:

    5. When talking in front of your boss and coworkers was the last thing you wanted to do today:

    6. When your friends know exactly what to say to get you to come out:

    7. When you were SURE you were a bumbling anxious weirdo when you hung out with new people:

    8. When you want to be social but not, like, THAT social:

    9. When you feel so guilty about having to back out:

    10. When someone utters these magic words:

    11. When you can breathe easy knowing you can ditch your plans if you get too anxious:

    12. When you find someone who GETS IT:

    13. When you just need a little support:

    14. When your anxiety is irrational AF but it doesn't matter:

    15. And when you're so comfortable around someone that you guys don't need to say anything at all.