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    9 Reasons To Appreciate The Sagittarians In Your Life

    Happy Sagittarius season!

    1. Natural born adventurers and travelers, Sagittarians are the best to explore with — whether it’s going somewhere foreign or making your city feel new again.

    They're just as happy to do things solo, but if you're lucky enough to hitch a ride on their star, you're pretty much guaranteed an unforgettable experience.

    2. For better or worse, Sagittarians are outspoken. They’re the friend you go to when you need a truly honest opinion or a straightforward answer.

    Their inability to beat around the bush is frankly admirable.

    3. That said, they’re incredible optimistic — even when they have to give you a bit of tough love, there will be a silver lining or a bright side.

    And because of how honest they are, you can trust that they're not just bullshitting you to make you feel better.

    4. Sagittarians love self-reflecting and figuring themselves out, which means they’re usually incredibly self-aware.

    They know themselves, and that's a supremely underrated quality in a friend or partner.

    5. Speaking of reflection, Sagittarians love to get philosophical. You can dig deep with them for hours.

    Preferably while under the stars contemplating the universe and the meaning of life.

    6. Both physical and mental stimulation invigorate Sagittarians, so you can count on them being down for pretty much any activity.

    Debating during bookclub? Sure! Touch football in the park? Absolutely! Hitting up a museum? Of course! Taking an acrobatics class? They already have, but they're down to do it again!

    7. And they are always up for last minute plans, an invaluable person to have in your corner when cool opportunities pop up.

    Sagittarians are, like, the most reliable plus-one on the planet.

    8. They're easygoing and mellow, and will help you roll with the punches, too.

    It's difficult to rile up a Sagittarius. They just want to have a good time, tbh, and that chill reverberates off them and is infectious.

    9. A Sagittarius’s spirit shines bright. You know one when you see one: they’re big-hearted, larger than life, and generous as hell.

    You're lucky if you have a Sagittarius by your side — they'll help you expand your world, and want nothing more than to see you thrive and enjoy life like they do.