16 Sex Tips You'll Wish You Heard Before You Tried Role-Playing

    Yes, you have to be willing to look like an idiot sometimes.

    Role-playing in the bedroom can be fun and hot — and on top of that, it can be really great for discovering different aspects of your sexuality.

    1. First, know that there's no set definition of what role-playing entails — it's all about what you and your partner are into.

    2. Don't put a ton of pressure on it being this crazy-sexy time — it should be fun before anything else.

    3. Reeeeally simple prompts work great, so don't feel the need to plot anything intricate.

    4. Play with how you look and what you wear to embody different personalities.

    5. Or just talk through your fantasies. It might wind up being hotter than actually carrying it out.

    6. Use your favorite shows or movies to ~get inspired~.

    7. Explore those common, clichéd pairings in unexpected ways.

    8. Think about what specific parts of a fantasy are especially hot to you.

    9. Take advantage of Halloween and other natural excuses to dress up in ways you know will turn each other on.

    10. See how you can develop the things you already do with your partner into more of a ~role-playing thing~.

    11. Channel some real-life frustrations into your play to blow off some steam in the best way possible.

    12. Maybe take an improv class.

    13. Make sure you know what you’re not comfortable with in general so it doesn’t accidentally come up in a role-play situation.

    14. Along those lines, consider setting some parameters or coming up with a safe word ahead of time.

    15. If you really have no idea where to start, there are games and books for that.

    16. Finally, make sure to take your time and enjoy yourself.