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23 Ass-Eating Tips From People Who Have Seen Some Shit

Beware the booty flakes.

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We recently asked the members of BuzzFeed Community for their best rimming tips, so here's what they said about upping your ass-eating game.

By the way: A list of tips where every item will appeal to every person probably doesn't exist, so take what you like and leave the rest. Also, it's important to talk about any new or different sex things with your partner before trying them. Consent is everything; please enjoy these tips responsibly!

2. In fact, wash your partner's ass yourself as a part of foreplay — that way you can make sure it's as clean as you need it to be.

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My trick is to wash my honey’s backdoor myself. Do it in a way that’s sensual. He gets why, and I get peace of mind, so that I can feel free to go to town. Both of us end up very happy!



5. And pay attention to your partner's genitals while you're at it.

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I like to call it the trombone technique: Make sure while rimming to use your hand to continually jack them off.


Don't forget the vagina and clitoris, and use your fingers to stimulate there.


7. Stimulate the spot between the anus and the vagina or balls.

While you are licking the butthole don't forget the taint.



10. Play around with different positions to find out what's best for both the giver and the receiver.

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I like bending over a couch or desk while my partner kneels behind me. Putting my legs up and spreading my cheeks myself is great too. Face-sitting is great for my partner's neck. We switch it up.


11. And don't be afraid to incorporate a pillow to make the position juuust right.

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Stack pillows under your bum or under your pelvis if you're laying face down.

—Rose R., Facebook


12. Suction with your lips over the opening and suck on it.

13. Use dental dams.

@refuserubbish / Via

These helpful pieces of latex are great for not only STI protection, but especially when eating ass, they can save you from any 'unsavory' tastes or experiences. If you don’t have any, you can cut the tip off of a condom and cut it lengthwise, and BAM. Mouth protection.



18. Use the old ~spell out words with your tongue~ trick.

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I like to write out words with my tongue on his butthole like, "I'm gonna bang you so good you'll be moaning my name all week." I've never met a guy who has figured it out, though.



21. Start super gently to tease and help them relax.

It’s subtle. Gently run your tongue around their hole. Then you forcefully lick up while pushing your tongue inside of them. Following this, you forcefully run your tongue back down with the backside of your tongue. Guaranteed moans and easier entry.


22. Be experimental and pay attention to how your partner reacts to see what *they* like best.

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