7 Things I Do Before Bed Instead Of Watch Netflix

    Otherwise I just wind up clicking "Next Episode" all night.

    Watching Netflix is my ideal before-bed activity, but since I am physically incapable of watching just *one* episode, I've had to scale back unless I want to find myself awake at 4 a.m. questioning my life choices.

    1. Give some TLC to your long-distance relationships.

    2. Make a schedule for how you'll ~ideally~ spend tomorrow.

    3. Use tarot cards to reflect on yourself and your life while feeling somewhat magical.

    4. Write lists from The 52 Lists Project — or any other writing prompts floating around the internet that encourage self-reflection.

    5. Do a sweep of your home and take care of things that take less than five minutes.

    6. Make niche playlists so you have thematically resonant music for all occasions.

    7. Take a free or cheap online class in a random hobby or subject you've always wanted to learn more about.

    If you have any favorite before-bed activities, please share, because I get bored easily and am constantly trying to resist the siren call of Netflix.