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21 Tumblr Posts About Masturbation That Will Get You Every Time

*not horny but masturbates just in case*

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1. This quality way to pass time:

2. This celebration of perfect timing:

3. This definitely-not-a-coincidence:

4. This very smart preventative measure:

5. This summary of your feelings:

6. This proof that masturbation solves any problem:

7. This celebration of your talents:

8. This sweet save:

9. This thing that has definitely happened to you:

10. This visual representation of your wildest dreams:

11. This friendly reminder that might make you take a break:

12. This unpleasant mental image:

13. This very relatable feeling:

14. This masturbation tip you'd only find on Tumblr:

15. This helpful pickup line:

16. This bomb comeback:

17. This horror story:

18. This definitely true historical reenactment:

19. This reminder of the importance of a before-bed ritual:

20. This post that will make you laugh then cry:

21. And this always important question: