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23 Pictures That Sum Up The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Of Pregnancy

The human body is WILD.

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We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share pictures from when they were pregnant to show what it's really like. Here are just some of them:

And by the way, everyone's pregnancy is a different, so the pics here are by no means meant to represent the ~universal pregnant experience~.




My friend is a naturally emotional person, but one night our group of friends was hanging out, and one of us was trying to rock another ones baby to sleep and all of a sudden the newly pregnant Julie burst into tears because we are all friends. —courtneyh466e3012c



Pregnancy is not always a big bad scary thing! Both kids I had no morning sickness, no swelling, no stretch marks, no issues with natural labor, both labors less than five hours. Was back in size 3 jeans two weeks postpartum both times. Pregnancy was a healthy and beautiful journey for me! —yogapoet



I went to a college football game the day I was due with my 10-pounder. Between all the Braxton Hicks, trips to the bathroom to pee, and trying to stay off my swollen feet, I was busy constantly stuffing my face. This security guard could NOT keep a straight face as I literally inhaled this sandwich while sitting on the tent anchor. —incendiaryprincess



I had a super easy, relaxing pregnancy...until I ended up on bedrest for my last month because I was going into preterm labor, and I ended up with cholestasis (when the bile in your liver slows/stops and causes horrible, horrible itchiness and can lead to stillbirth if not watched closely). But it was all worth it in the end for my son. —sheynav


I ended up with gestational diabetes thanks to my PCOS, so I had to go to the OB-GYN twice a week to make sure that my baby was okay. I felt like I was there so much that I may as well have set up camp there! —reikoko


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