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    Holy Shit Guys, Pokémon Go Is So Good For Your Mental Health

    Show this to anyone who won't shut up about everyone being ~attached to their phones~.

    Since Pokémon Go launched, people have been talking about how much it's helped their mental health already.

    1. First, yep — it's getting people to exercise and that's great for your mental health.

    2. Even better, it's exercise OUTSIDE. With the SUN and FRESH AIR.

    3. It's an opportunity to celebrate yourself when you normally wouldn't.

    4. You're probably socializing more with unexpected people and expanding your circles.

    5. And for people who deal with social anxiety, it's pretty much the perfect low-stakes way to socialize more.

    6. It gives you a sense of interconnectivity, community, and belonging.

    7. If you deal with depression, it can give you the motivation to do small, difficult tasks that will make you feel better in the long run.

    8. It's giving you long-term goals when maybe the last thing you wanted to think about was the future.

    9. It may even encourage you to do more things for other people or tap into your ~servicey~ side.

    10. It's probably replacing some other activities that weren't the best for you.

    11. It's providing little sparks of excitement and joy, tbh, which are hard to come by when everything feels shitty and dark.