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    13 Charts That Are Way Too Real For Bisexual Women

    Online dating = 99.9% couples looking for threesomes.

    1. None of this "half and half" business:

    2. Go ahead, suggest we have ~double the options~ one more time:

    3. Sure, if by "greedy" you mean "doesn't like to share fries":

    4. Just bi the way:

    5. Female partner? Male partner? Non-binary partner? No partner? STILL BI:

    6. *RIPS HAIR OUT*

    7. Why we delete our dating apps every other week, tbh:

    8. Finding a sexuality ~sexy~ is not a compliment:

    9. Different bi folks, different bi strokes:

    10. Would it kill TV writers to try a LITTLE harder?

    11. Let's talk about ~bisexual privilege~:

    12. Some things are harder than others:

    13. And just some reminders: