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23 Jokes That Will Make Overthinkers Laugh Then Cry

Sorry, I couldn't hear you over my internal monologue.

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1. The worst question in the world:

2. This mental preparation that's always in vain:

3. This constant inner monologue:

4. The train wreck you see coming from a mile away:

5. The inevitable cycle:

6. And the bounce-back cycle:

7. The big reveal:

8. This immediate reaction:

9. The hottest date night activity:

10. That awkward moment when things aren't going the way you overthought they would:

11. The worst comment:

12. The endless list of things to overthink:

13. The casual segue:

14. The ultimate fashion statement:

15. The consistent life:

16. The very best hobby:

17. The straight-up pleading:

18. This résumé builder:

19. The inconvenient noise levels:

20. The go-to response:

21. That awkward moment when your overthinking gets meta:

22. The moments your body betrays you:

23. The regular back-and-forth:

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