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    19 Jokes About Being Single That Will Make You Laugh Then Cry

    "You're someone's dream person." Can that bitch wake up and come talk to me then???

    1. That record-scratch moment:

    2. This straight-up myth:

    3. This false dichotomy:

    4. This call to action:

    5. This valiant effort:

    6. This résumé builder:

    7. This deal of a lifetime, tbh:

    8. This annoying conundrum:

    9. This fairly successful coping mechanism:

    10. The worst spectator sport:

    11. This alternative to mingling:

    12. This truth, damnit!!!:

    13. The thirst that is real:

    14. This countdown to that wonderful time of year:

    15. And the holiday that's never far behind:

    16. This response to a question YOU'RE SO TIRED OF, OK:

    17. And this one:

    18. This crazy desire:

    19. But this would do just fine too: