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    19 Doable Ways To Spring-Clean Your Personal Life

    Skip reorganizing your closet — it's time to go through your emotional baggage.

    Spring-cleaning usually refers to, you know, literal cleaning, but spring is also the perfect time to give other parts of your life some TLC.

    1. Go through your contact list and delete anyone you don't — and definitely won't — talk to anymore.

    2. Clear out the backlog of hangouts you've promised — either by actually hanging out with the person or by putting a stop to saying, "We should get drinks soon!" every time you see them.

    3. Review all of your paid subscriptions using a service like Trim or Truebill, and then cancel the ones you don't use but are still paying for.

    4. Reevaluate your goals to see if you're sticking with something out of obligation instead of actual desire.

    5. Clear your conscience by making the apologies you've been putting off.

    6. If you're feeling burned out on the dating scene, redo your dating profile and make sure it's still accurate.

    7. Unfollow the people you hate-follow (BE HONEST!) and mute the people who make you feel a little shitty.

    8. Check in with your relationships, and if things aren't going well, decide which need tune-ups and which you should ditch entirely.

    9. Get a new system for dealing with your negative or anxious thoughts — because even if you can't get rid of them, you can tame them.

    10. Toss old clothes or things that bring you guilt — like the pants that will fit again "one day" or the ukulele that you've been meaning to learn to play for three years.

    11. Revamp your self-care routine to make sure it's actually making you feel better.

    12. Clean up your venting habits.

    13. Remove apps on your phone that you'd do better without or that you don't use anymore.

    14. And while you're at it, clean up your notifications to reduce distractions and stress.

    15. Purge unnecessary "sorrys" from your vocabulary and replace them with "thank you."

    16. Do away with your bad sleeping habits.

    17. Unsubscribe from emails — or at least package them using a service like Unroll.Me — so your inbox isn't a total headache.

    18. Clean up your coping mechanisms, because you probably have a few that are doing more harm than good.

    19. If you're always saying you're going to quit a habit, either quit it or accept it's not going to happen so you can stop beating yourself up.

    I hope your spring is as stress-free and emotionally healthy as can be, friends!