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    19 Doable Ways To Spring-Clean Your Personal Life

    Skip reorganizing your closet — it's time to go through your emotional baggage.

    Spring-cleaning usually refers to, you know, literal cleaning, but spring is also the perfect time to give other parts of your life some TLC.

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    So if you're feeling like a garbage human after this long winter, these things might help ~refresh you~.

    1. Go through your contact list and delete anyone you don't — and definitely won't — talk to anymore.

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    You won't miss Tessa (Group Project) and Australian Bar Guy, I promise.

    2. Clear out the backlog of hangouts you've promised — either by actually hanging out with the person or by putting a stop to saying, "We should get drinks soon!" every time you see them.

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    It's win-win: Either you get to spend time with someone you've been meaning to or you can get out of that awful, awkward cycle of pretending that you've been meaning to text them, if only you weren't so busy!!! Then once you stop that, you can start making plans with friends the right way.

    3. Review all of your paid subscriptions using a service like Trim or Truebill, and then cancel the ones you don't use but are still paying for.

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    You know, just in case you forgot to cancel the Tidal subscription you impulse-downloaded when Lemonade dropped eons ago.

    4. Reevaluate your goals to see if you're sticking with something out of obligation instead of actual desire.

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    Like, it's okay if you don't actually want to run a 10K or write a book anymore, even if it's been on your bucket list since you were 13. Ditch the goals hanging over you so they can stop causing you unneeded stress and guilt.

    5. Clear your conscience by making the apologies you've been putting off.

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    Even if it's something small like, "Hey, I just wanted to say sorry if I've been a little irritable lately. My life's been crazy and I have a feeling I accidentally let it out on you." (Pssst, here's how to apologize like a goddamn adult.)

    6. If you're feeling burned out on the dating scene, redo your dating profile and make sure it's still accurate.

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    Sure, that could mean swapping out pictures for something more recent; but more than that, make sure it's still reflective of what you *really* want — if it ever was in the first place. For example, if you haven't been up-front about looking for a serious relationship because you wanted to seem ~chill~, it's probably time to start being honest so you can meet people on the same page!

    7. Unfollow the people you hate-follow (BE HONEST!) and mute the people who make you feel a little shitty.

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    Unfollowing is pretty self-explanatory, but if the people you don't want to see on your feeds anymore are friends or family, that can be a statement that you don't really want to make. So, mute, mute, mute.

    8. Check in with your relationships, and if things aren't going well, decide which need tune-ups and which you should ditch entirely.

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    Friendships have their ups and downs, but in general they should energize you more than they drain you. If there's a friendship that's not working for you, figure out how to give it some TLC (this post has some suggestions) and if you do need to end some relationships, here's how to break up with a friend like an adult.

    9. Get a new system for dealing with your negative or anxious thoughts — because even if you can't get rid of them, you can tame them.

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    Some of my favorite suggestions I've picked up over the years:

    • Give your negative thoughts a name so you can fight back (see above).

    • Ask yourself what you'd say to a friend who expressed the same thoughts.

    • Write your thoughts down to stop yourself from spiraling.

    • Use a grounding technique, like counting things around you or noticing how each part of your body feels.

    10. Toss old clothes or things that bring you guilt — like the pants that will fit again "one day" or the ukulele that you've been meaning to learn to play for three years.

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    Okay, so this borders a little on traditional spring-cleaning, but it's for your emotional well-being. Anything that comes with a condition for use is probably doing more harm than good.

    11. Revamp your self-care routine to make sure it's actually making you feel better.

    Since we sometimes label any indulgence as self-care, you might've lost sight of what really works when you have a genuine need to look after yourself and feel better. If you have a feeling your current routine isn't working for you, maybe try experimenting with some unexpected activities until you find the perfect combination you can whip out when you need it. These tiny self-care tips might be a good place to start.

    12. Clean up your venting habits.

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    It's never a bad time to check in with yourself to make sure you haven't turned any of your friends into unwitting therapists. Ranting is good and cathartic in certain doses, but no one wants to be the person who complains all the time. That amount of negativity takes a toll on your mood.

    13. Remove apps on your phone that you'd do better without or that you don't use anymore.

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    I haven't done an official study or anything, but I have it on good authority that a lot of people (okay, mostly my friends) who got rid of Twitter on their phones — or at least turned off notifications — enjoy life a lot more. Just something to consider!

    14. And while you're at it, clean up your notifications to reduce distractions and stress.

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    Maybe the majority of your texts and group chats could stand to be on Do Not Disturb, while only the VIPs get notifications. Or maybe you just need to turn off push alerts from your chosen news app so you don't get caught off guard by bullshit while you're in a good mood.

    15. Purge unnecessary "sorrys" from your vocabulary and replace them with "thank you."

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    Like, instead of saying, "Sorry I'm late," say, "Thanks for waiting for me." Obviously there will be times when "I'm sorry" is exactly what you should say, but in a lot of cases, this is something that can help shift your thinking to be more positive — plus, people will be getting your gratitude instead of your negativity.

    16. Do away with your bad sleeping habits.

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    Sooo many things depend on how much — or how little — sleep you get. For example, lack of sleep can seriously magnify feelings of unhappiness or depression and anxiety. It might just be a matter of cutting out your bad habit of falling down a Reddit vortex right before bed, but if you need some extra tips, these might help you sleep better.

    17. Unsubscribe from emails — or at least package them using a service like Unroll.Me — so your inbox isn't a total headache.

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    Because sometimes it's the little things that can keep you from tearing your hair out. And if you want to go all out, try this inbox cleanse.

    18. Clean up your coping mechanisms, because you probably have a few that are doing more harm than good.

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    A good rule of thumb is if something only makes you feel good in the moment but leads to feeling shitty afterwards (looking at you, getting reeeeally drunk to drown out the news!), it's probably not the best coping mechanism. You might want to check out this list of how people have been coping with the world for ideas that provide escapism and fun.

    19. If you're always saying you're going to quit a habit, either quit it or accept it's not going to happen so you can stop beating yourself up.

    You can always revisit it later, but if you're continuously like, "Okay, I'm going to stop ordering Seamless for real this time!!!" every time you order Seamless, you're just guilting yourself and ruining some perfectly good Chinese takeout.

    I hope your spring is as stress-free and emotionally healthy as can be, friends!

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    And if you have any more suggestions of things to purge or spruce up to start spring feeling refreshed and happy, definitely share in the comments.