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21 Funny Tumblr Posts About Drinking That Are Way Too Real

"The best kind of alcohol is a lot."

1. This go-to reaction to...anything:

2. This important distinction:

3. This person who is totally fine:

4. This shit that happens EVERY TIME:

5. This marked improvement:

6. The times when you gotta do what you gotta do:

7. This required purchase:

8. This universal truth:

9. But also, this VERY GOOD POINT:

10. This excellent alternative to saying "I'm a big ol' wino":

11. This life hack:

12. This trump card:

13. The only way you get through the holidays:

14. The only way of life:

15. This proof that chem class IS useful in the real world:

16. The way it went down, definitely:

17. This million-dollar idea:

18. This thrilling saga:

19. This admission:

20. The only way to order, tbh:

21. And finally, this truly aspirational confession:

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