21 Borderline Genius Bullet Journal Spreads For Tracking Your Finances

    Get rich or bullet journal trying.

    1. This savings tracker that makes keeping an eye on *all* your savings goals a breeze.

    2. This six-month budget planner so you'll stop winging it.

    3. This beautiful spread that will almost make paying bills a pleasure.

    4. This minimalist tracker that will help you break down where your money is going.

    5. This handy-dandy little receipt pocket to supplement any finance spread so you can keep everything in one place.

    6. This savings tracker that will have you rolling in gold in no time.

    7. This list to keep handy so you don't forget about those bills you have on auto-pay.

    8. This ultra-sleek tracker that will make you keep an eye on how much you're really spending on eating out.

    9. This satisfying challenge that will actually make you want to ease up on the miscellaneous purchases.

    10. This tracker that will force you to be mindful about each purchase — instead of studiously avoiding checking your bank account.

    11. Or this one that lets you just jot things down as you buy them.

    12. This comprehensive spread for anyone who wants to stay super on top of their expenses.

    13. This six-month spread to keep track of expenses long-term — including a place for renewal dates so you're never caught off guard.

    14. This pastel wish list to separate your wants and needs so you can budget accordingly.

    15. This guided savings log that will help you put away $1,380 in a year by saving one more dollar each day than the day before.

    16. This nifty little graph for paying off your debt bit by bit.

    17. This dainty savings log so you can see how a little every month can really add up.

    18. This yearly log so you can get real about how you actually spend your money.

    19. This monthly spread for sticking to your budget and making sure no bill goes unpaid.

    20. This spread that will help you save up for your dreams without getting overwhelmed.

    21. This floral-themed tracker that will help you ~grow~ some money sensibilities.