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25 Cheat Sheets For Taking Care Of Yourself Like A Damn Adult

Being a well-adjusted human has never been easier.

1. For maybe tricking yourself into being a morning person:

2. For scheduling small bursts of self-care:

3. For taking out the mental trash:

4. For replacing your bad habits with good, healthy ones:

5. For feeling alert and present:

6. For making the most of your alone time:

7. For not letting anger get the best of you:

8. For finding the perfect way to take care of yourself:

9. For chilling out even when you're broke AF:

10. For making those important decisions:

11. For finally making your bed every morning like a damn adult:

12. For keeping stress at bay:

13. For getting your day off to a positive start:

14. For hacking your sleep patterns:

15. For making time for self-reflection:

16. For finding the perfect non-cheesy words of wisdom:

17. For getting the shit out of your life:

18. For making sure you still have fun just because:

19. For stretching the stress away:

20. For curling up with a comforting cup of tea:

21. For loving yourself just a little more:

22. For not letting work take over your life:

23. For being nicer to yourself:

24. For enjoying every bite:

25. For making sure you're getting the help you need: