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    26 Tumblr Posts About Stress That Will Make You Laugh Then Cry

    I've got 99 problems and I'm ignoring all of them.

    1. This A+ advice:

    2. This thing you definitely do:

    3. These ghostly manifestations:

    4. The ultimate truth about you, a constantly stressed human:

    5. This stress cocktail:

    6. This post that would be funny if it weren't so true:

    7. This simple desperate plea:

    8. Your true identity:

    9. The scariest state of stress:

    10. This inevitable conversation:

    11. This impressive performance:

    12. Those obnoxious stress breakouts:

    13. This very effective coping mechanism:

    14. The self-induced stress you know so well:

    15. Those rare moments without any stress:

    16. This very impressive list:

    17. Your denial:

    18. Lots of denial:

    19. Your sexuality at this point, tbh:

    20. The point of no return:

    21. Your go-to answer:

    22. This proof that you can stress over anything:

    23. The eventual acceptance:

    24. The elusive pre-stress stress.

    25. The worst advice ever:

    26. Your answer to when people ask you why you're stressed: