13 Real AF Situations Every Anxious Person Has Experienced

    "Don't be anxious!" THANKS, I'M CURED.

    1. When people can't resist giving your anxious ass advice.

    2. And then when you finally try that advice.

    3. When you try giving an honest answer to "How are you?" for once.

    4. When you come out to have a good time and wind up feeling so attacked.

    5. When a little liquid courage backfires.

    6. When your friends don't understand that punctuality can save a life.

    7. When your brain won't stop replaying every awkward thing you've ever done.

    8. When people mistake composure for ease.

    9. When your mind goes through seven stages of grief while waiting for a text back.

    10. When someone calls you on the actual phone for no discernible reason and you immediately assume the worst.

    11. When you can't help but assume your company is always unwanted.

    12. When someone gives you a flashback that you know your brain will be replaying all night.

    13. And when you get the best advice of all, for the millionth time.