27 Things That Will Immediately Make You Feel Better

    #IfYourDayIsBadAlwaysRemember dogs exist.

    Get ready for your shitty day to get a little better, because people on Twitter are using #IfYourDayIsBadAlwaysRemember to remind us all that maybe it's not so bad after all.

    1. Seriously, today can't be that bad when this bird is here:


    3. Did you fuck up today? THAT'S OK! LOTS OF PEOPLE FUCK UP:

    4. And things could always be worse.

    5. A lot worse:

    6. This reminder makes EVERYTHING better:

    7. You can't NOT smile watching this:

    8. There will always be simple pleasures:

    9. And genuine words of encouragement:

    #IfYourDayIsBadAlwaysRemember it's ok to not be ok sometimes. Sleep for a while, take a good bath, listen to ur fave music. Give it time.

    10. At least things aren't as bad as they used to be:

    11. You live in a world with BEE HIGH FIVES:

    12. Never forget comfort food:

    13. And little ways to escape:


    15. Just look at this pup:

    16. Remember that you're a survivor:

    17. The world is filled with people to stan:

    #IfYourDayIsBadAlwaysRemember that you are blessed enough to live the same time as your faves😊

    18. Not to mention, you're SO DAMN HOT:

    19. How amazing is it that WINE EXISTS?

    20. There are amazing new things in the world:

    21. Are you smiling yet?

    #IfYourDayIsBadAlwaysRemember we live in a world where cheese can be put in the crust of pizza. All is not lost.

    22. Or at least feeling a little better about your day?

    23. Seriously, today is part of your hero origin story:

    #IfYourDayIsBadAlwaysRemember... Bad days (sometimes called plot) launch the best main character adventures. Your heroic destiny awaits.

    24. At least you're not these poor unfortunate souls:

    25. You're not alone:

    #IfYourDayIsBadAlwaysRemember Daniel Powter had a bad day too

    26. Never forget these words of wisdom:

    27. And remind yourself of these things often: