26 Tumblr Posts About Chronic Pain That Will Make You Say “Yep”

“If we don’t say it hurts, it hurts. If we say it hurts, it really fucking hurts.”

1. These more accurate lyrics:

4. This new word you definitely should adopt:

5. This post that’ll make you laugh then cry:

8. This spot-on comparison:

9. This shoutout to your local cry spot:

11. This cheat sheet for anyone who doesn’t deal with chronic pain:

13. And this important reminder:

14. This ~steamy~ list of kinks:

15. This post that might actually inspire you:

16. This post that’s too relatable:

19. This helpful translation:

20. This conversation you’ve probably had:

22. This infuriating truth:

25. This gorgeous post that paints an important picture:

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26. And finally, in case you need to hear it:

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