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27 Dirty Tumblr Posts That Will Make You Laugh Then Pray For Forgiveness

Don't say we didn't warn you.

1. The new and improved:

2. This unpleasant surprise:

3. This accurate depiction:

4. This cause for celebration:

5. This downright lie:

6. This form of arm day:

7. The indescribable feeling:

8. That special moment:

9. This person on a mission, tbh:

10. This spot-on metaphor:

11. The horror:

12. This minor explosion:

13. These roads diverged:

14. This rollercoaster of emotions:

15. This truth:

16. This person who definitely needs Jesus:

17. That awkward moment:

18. This thing I'm truly sorry for:

19. These poor lovers:

20. This demand:

21. This comeback you'll definitely steal:

22. This childhood-ruiner:

23. These unrealistic standards:

24. This miscommunication:

25. This strategic piece of advice:

26. This standoff:

27. This call for perseverance: