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    34 Times Tumblr Taught You Everything You Need To Know About Bisexuality

    Two, four, six, eight! Why do people think I'm straight?

    1. This very important question:

    2. The REAL perks of being bisexual:

    3. These cards that will make you laugh then cry:

    4. This ~harsh reality~ of marriage equality:

    5. This joke that pretty much sums up TV's frustrating bisexual representation problem:

    6. And this one:

    7. This real AF struggle:

    8. This informative bit of bi humor:

    9. This bad news for anyone who thinks a bisexual person is their friend:

    10. This A+ takedown of an annoyingly common misconception:* / Via

    * FYI, "bisexual" can mean attraction to same and different genders, not just two. It means different things to different people.

    11. This weirdly perfect description:

    12. This helpful metaphor:

    13. This important reminder:

    14. This delightfully nerdy coming-out:

    15. This comic that is basically your autobiography:

    16. This quality suggestion:

    17. This unfortunate reality:

    18. This standard issue bisexual uniform:

    19. These hard-hitting facts that DEFINITELY AREN'T COMPLETELY, TOTALLY WRONG:

    20. This secret revealed:

    21. This post that highlights THE NERVE of bisexuals, omg:

    22. This perfect reaction to a common facepalm-worthy comment:

    23. And this excellent answer:

    24. This close call:

    25. This perfect use of GIF:

    26. This. Just this:

    27. This reminder to thank your local bisexual for this year's crops:

    28. This perfect answer:

    29. This mandatory fitness routine:

    30. This hands-down best part of being bisexual:

    31. This lethal joke:

    32. This helpful cheer for showing your bisexual spirit:

    33. This top-secret list of bi superpowers:

    34. And finally, these important reminders:


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