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    23 Posts To Read If You Suck At This Whole Adulting Thing

    Everything you need to know about making growing up suck less.

    ~Adulting~ pretty much means having more responsibilities now, and realizing you're not sure about how to actually get them done.

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    It can also mean that you're just at a point where you want to feel like you have your shit together. And that's daunting AF.

    Luckily for you, BuzzFeed Health rounded up some of the best articles that will help you be a better adult in every aspect of your life, from your health to your relationships and your home to your finances — and so on. Let's go!

    1. For when you need to get that job.

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    If you're currently struggling with the whole "finding a job" thing, read 34 Tips That Will Help You Actually Get A Job Offer. The tips come from BuzzFeed Community users who have gone through it, so they know your pain.

    Example tip: "Commit to submitting five cover letters and résumés per week, minimum. Send them, then forget them — at least until you get a reply. Dragging your feet while you wait to hear from your dream job and then being sad that you didn't get a response is a waste of time. Crank out those applications and don't look back."

    2. For when you need to get a responsible amount of sleep for once.

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    Getting enough sleep is a basic requirement for being healthy, both mentally and physically, so if you're trying to be a better-functioning adult, it's a good place to start. But just because it's good for you doesn't mean it's easy. 17 Cheat Sheets That Will Actually Help You Sleep Better breaks down everything from good before-bed relaxation techniques to responsible caffeine intake so you can get the best rest.

    3. For when you still can't afford to live alone and are like, "How do I not murder my roommates?"

    Whether your roommate is a perfectly respectable human or a demon from hell, living in complete harmony all the time is pretty much impossible. Read 23 Tips For Living With Roommates Without Going Fucking Crazy for ways to get through the days until you can afford your own place.

    Example tip: If you two have wildly different standards when it comes to cleanliness, figure out different but equal ways you guys can contribute. Meaning, instead of getting pissed every time your roommate does a half-assed job cleaning the kitchen, maybe you take kitchen duty full-time and your roommate can be in charge of stocking up on toilet paper and other communal supplies.

    4. For when it's time to start making your own doctor's appointments.

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    Logically, I'm sure you know that you should go to the doctor once a year, but when that responsibility actually falls on you, it's easy to put it off...and off and off. So, you should read Here's Why You Should Go To The Doctor Every Year, According To A Doctor for the kick in the pants you need to actually make it a habit. Then make your doctor's appointment.

    Example recommendation: "Your doctor wants to help you, not judge you. Your doctor doesn't expect you to have perfect habits and be in perfect health. You might not exercise. You might drink too much. You might eat too much fast food. That's OK, and it's best to be honest about it. Because a good primary care doctor (aka internist) should spend their time figuring out why you have those habits."

    5. For when you're overwhelmed and need tiny baby steps to feel more like an adult.

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    Sometimes instead of big adult responsibilities like getting a job or paying your taxes, you need to start small. Read 23 Things Every Grown-Ass Adult Should Do for little things you can knock off your to-do list right now to feel slightly better about your adulting abilities.

    Example tips include: Creating a separate email account for bills/home admin, saying no instead of saying yes then flaking, and organizing all your logins and passwords.

    6. For when you want to start thinking about eating a little healthier.

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    "Healthier" is going to mean something different for everyone, but if you're starting to think about changing your lifestyle a bit and taking care of your body more, read 20 Cheat Sheets For When You're Trying To Eat A Little Healthier, which breaks down a lot of excellent advice in easy-to-digest infographics.

    7. And for when you want to start working out a little bit, too.

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    So if you want a challenge to kick-start a lifestyle change, This 30 Day Fitness Will Make You Feel Like A Badass. It's a four-day-a-week totally doable plan that's not too easy or too hard.

    8. For when you just want to be happier, dammit.

    In 13 Ways You May Be Accidentally Making Yourself Unhappy, mental health experts weighed in on the things that aren't as good for you as you think — and a lot of them are common habits that you proooobably should give up in your 20s.

    Examples include: binge-watching Netflix as a pick-me-up (don't @ me), ignoring your negative thoughts, and relying on self-care when you're in a serious funk.

    9. For when you want to cook an impressive meal without that much work.

    Even if you don't have high aspirations to learn to cook more than the bare minimum, sometimes you have to fake it (y'know, when parents visit or you have a hot date you stupidly offered to cook for). Look at 23 Deceptively Easy Dinners That'll Make You Look Like You've Got Your Shit Together when you want to look like you eat more than just two-minute noodles and frozen pizza.

    10. For when you're making your first Adult Shopping List.

    Being an adult isn't about what you own, but there are some things that will have a big impact on your home and your life — and make it a lot easier. Check out 25 Things Every Grown-Ass Adult Should Have for ideas.

    Example recommendations include: an expanding file folder for keeping track of users manuals and other paper things you always shove in drawers, a simple toolkit and drill, and no-slip velvet matching hangers.

    11. For when you want to find a new hobby besides drinking.

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    Read 17 Hobbies To Try If You Suck At Hobbies for ideas on how to still have fun and enjoy yourself — even if you're, y'know, getting old and boring.

    Examples include: starting a club with your friends, becoming a documentary buff, calligraphy, and DJing.

    12. For when you want to break up with friends like a grown-up without being a dick or causing drama.

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    Not all friendships last forever, and breaking one off can be incredibly awkward and uncomfortable. But hey, your early 20s is a great time to reevaluate the relationships in your life. Read Here's How To Break Up With a Friend Like a Damn Adult for tips on how to get toxic people out of your life the right way.

    Example tip: Don't use the excuse of being busy, no matter how tempted you are. Not only is this an obvious blowoff (because everyone knows you make time for the things you want to make time for), but it most likely won't be effective, either. It leads them to believe that eventually you'll stop being busy and things will go right back to where they were.

    13. For when you want to be sexually responsible.

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    OK, hopefully you were tuned in on this stuff whenever you became sexually active, adult or not, but if you're having sex, now is really the time to make sure you're regularly getting tested if you hadn't been before. Read Here's Everything You Need To Know About Getting Tested to find out which tests you need and how often you need them in order to know your status. It doesn't have to be scary!

    14. For when you need to find a therapist to deal with...well, everything.

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    Everyone can benefit from therapy — especially if you're going through a ~transitional~ time, like your early 20s.

    Read A Beginner's Guide To Starting Therapy for expert tips on finding a therapist that's right for you. It covers things like how to find a therapist, what the different types of therapy are, and what to do before your first visit.

    15. For when you want to up your cleaning game.

    Did you know there are a million hacks out there that can make cleaning less of a freaking chore? Like, cleaning probably won't ever be fun, but there's something so satisfying about making your microwave look brand-new with a little bit of water and lemon juice. Read 37 Cleaning Basics You Should Probably Know By Now so you're prepared for every mess.

    Example tip: Refresh your mattress with a combo of baking soda and essential lavender oil; just sprinkle, sit, and then vacuum it up.

    16. For when you want to fill your shelves with books that will help you ~adult~.

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    From self-help books to coming-of-age novels, reading can do a lot to help prepare you for adulthood. Read 31 Amazing Books That Just May Help You Be An Adult for tried-and-true suggestions from the BuzzFeed Community.

    Example titles: My Boyfriend Barfed in My Handbag, a no-shame guide on cleaning up stuff you'd have to Google to save face, like getting bong water out of your carpet; Tiny Beautiful Things, a collection of advice columns from The Rumpus' Dear Sugar and other works that shows we all have more common ground than we think; and Rising Strong, a social scientist's findings on the value of failing, embracing the resulting discomfort, and then trying again.

    17. For when you need all the help you can get doing your taxes.

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    Taxes are confusing and can seem really scary, but they don't have to be. Read Here's What Every Twentysomething Needs To Know About Taxes, which breaks it down for everyone nervous about the whole tax thing.

    Example tip: You can get a bigger refund if you've been paying down a student loan.

    18. For when you're broke AF and don't want to be.

    This might very well be the first time you've ever thought of having a budget —

    and the more money you have to budget around, the better. Read 18 Ways To Save A Bunch Of Cash Without Even Trying for some seriously helpful tips from BuzzFeed Community users.

    Example tip: "Before you buy that fresh new thing online, download the free Google Chrome extension Honey. It works by scanning the 'net for tons of great deals, coupons, and discounts, and applies them directly to your items at checkout."

    19. For when you're tired of wasting money on groceries that you inevitably throw out when they go bad.

    Shopping and cooking for yourself is a great adult skill to have — but it's kind of a waste if you don't know how to store your groceries to make them last. Read This Is Exactly How To Store Your Groceries to get to know your groceries and to stop wasting food and money.

    20. For when you want to improve your ~presence~ in the world.

    Whether you're going on job interviews or trying to make new friends now that they're not as readily available as they were in school, it's never a bad idea to know how to make a good first impression. Read 19 Tips To Impress Literally Everyone You Meet so you can be a charming, graceful social butterfly as you take on the world as an adult.

    Example tip: Shift your attitude before you walk into the room to focus on others and not on yourself. A lot of the time we go into a social situation thinking, "How can I make myself more comfortable?" Your attitude shift should be, "What can I do to make other people comfortable around me?"

    21. For when you need manageable ways to feel more productive and organized.

    Read 19 Life Hacks That Will Make You Feel Like You Have Your Shit Together for a bunch of simple tips that will make your everyday life so much easier and productive.

    Example tip: Declutter your bag at the end of each week. Take some time at the end of each week to throw out unnecessary receipts and gum wrappers, collect all your loose change, and organize all the other random crap you've got stored in there.

    22. For when you need highly visual cheat sheets for all things #adulting.

    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention / Via

    Check out 19 Charts That Will Help You Be An Actual Adult for a bunch of quick adulting skills broken down into infographics — from how to find a new apartment to how to change a tire.

    23. For when you really just need some advice from people who have gone through it before.

    Hindsight is 20/20, so read 23 Things People Wish They'd Done In Their Twenties to get some wise advice before you make the same mistakes.

    Example recommendations: travel as far as you can afford, spend less time on your phone, and always stop to ask yourself, "Will this matter a year from now?"