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Share Your Best Tips For Improving Your Sex Life

Share how you've upped your sex game ~physically and mentally~.

Learning what you like ~sexually~ and developing a healthy relationship with your sexuality is a process.

So we want to know: What have you done or learned that has had a big positive impact on your sex life or your relationship with your sexuality?

Maybe you heard a specific or unusual sex tip that has changed the game.

Maybe you finally knocked out that yes/no/maybe list with your partner and learned a lot about what you're curious about.

Or maybe you started speaking up confidently about exactly what you like when you used to just kind of hope partners...figured it out.

Maybe you explored your sexuality solo and got in touch with your body through a class.

Or maybe you quit a bad sex habit that was really sabotaging your pleasure.

Maybe you joined a new community or explored a new kink.

Share your tips, lessons learned, and anecdotes in the comments or via the dropbox below, and your response could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Health post.

We're looking for advice that would benefit everyone's sex life — regardless of their sexuality or gender identity. But if the tip you want to give is specific to you and your gender/sexuality, feel free to share that, too! Basically, we want to hear ~anything~ that could potentially make someone's sex life a little better.