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    11 Sick Day Emails You Wish You Could Actually Send

    "I just want to keep sleeping, tbh."

    1. When you're planning ahead for a great night:

    2. When you're having trouble crawling out of the pit of yourself:

    3. When you can't resist pressing "Next Episode":

    4. When you have a Netflix hangover:

    5. When the weather = clear skies and 0% chance of you at work:

    6. When you're too much of a bummer to have around the office:

    7. When your anxiety is not cooperating with you:

    8. When you went too hard at the gym yesterday:

    9. When you're plagued by existential crisis:

    10. When words can't even describe your apathy:

    11. When your cocoon of blankets and pillows won't let you go: