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21 Times Tumblr Users Helped You Feel Less Alone

"You don't have to be grateful that it isn't worse."

1. This wonderful accomplishment:

2. This reminder that you don't have to compare your situation:

3. This perfect response to ~make every day count~ platitudes:

4. This post for days when you feel like garbage:

5. This reminder that you're allowed to be good to yourself:

6. This cause for celebration:

7. This very real post about recovery:

8. This reminder to give yourself permission to treat yourself well:

9. This perfect metaphor for anyone feeling down about needing treatment:

10. This self-care tip to always remember:

11. This call for a support system:

12. This beautiful affirmation:

13. This message that's easy to forget sometimes:

14. This perfect piece of advice:

15. This reminder:

16. And this one:

17. These ways people neglect to take care of themselves:

18. This real talk:

19. This celebration of bravery:

20. These words of wisdom you should repeat every day:

21. And finally: