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19 Awkwardly Sexual Moments Everyone Experiences At The Gym

Push it. Push it real good.

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All things considered, the gym can be a pretty gross place and definitely NOT somewhere you'd consider ~sexy~.

All that sweat. All those weird noises. The SMELL.

Still though, some things about the gym can feel pretty, uh... sexual.

Nicki Minaj VEVO / Via

1. When you just want to work your core with a few hip raises, but may as well be dry humping the air.

Is this seriously an exercise? REALLY?

2. Basically, getting on ground in any way is not going to end well.

3. You always accidentally catch someone's eye RIGHT as you spread your legs wide open on the hip abductor. / Via

Because what else can happen on that awkward hell machine?

4. Sometimes you just need to let that grunt OUT when you're doing heavy lifting. / Via


5. Wiping your nasty sweat off the phallic AF elliptical grips.

NBC / Via

Just tryna be a courteous gym user, stop staring.

6. When you redo your ponytail so it'll GTFO of your face, you can't help shaking it out in the process.

BuzzFeed BFF / Via

Accidental Baywatch moment, ugh.

7. There's always that one person who is VERY vocal about encouraging themselves.

Like, get a room. With yourself. And your weights, I guess.

8. When you forget a towel and go to wipe your sweaty face with your shirt, and it's like 'sup striptease?


NOT seducing you, promise.

9. Squatting. Just squatting.

MTV / Via

10. When you accidentally spill water on yourself while taking a drink and it ~GLISTENS~ down your chest.

Alcon Entertainment / Via


11. Those people who wear workout clothes that leave little to the imagination.

Comedy Central / Via

I mean, to each their own, but...

CBS / Via

12. When you stretch it out and there’s nowhere to do it that won't involve giving someone a full ass shot.

13. Any time your hot class instructor instructs you to go HARDER or DEEPER.

Like, is that really necessary?

14. When you wind up eye-fucking yourself in the mirror instead of watching your form.

The CW / Via

♫ Feelin' myself, I'm feelin' myself ♫

15. Spin class can feel essentially like communal doggy style.

Alright everybody, asses up.

16. It's actually impossible for some people to hydrate from the water fountain without, like, making out with it.


17. Your nipples always make an unwelcome appearance through your shirt because of the AC blasting or your damn shirt chafing.

FremantleMedia / Via

And you HATE that nipples are inherently sexualized, but HERE WE ARE.

18. When a stretch feels SO. GOOD. and you accidentally moan and consequently want to die.

Alcon Entertainment / Via

And if you crack your back? Have MERCY.

19. When your trainer corrects your form and you're too sweaty for it to be anything but weirdly intimate.

Anna Borges / BuzzFeed / Via

Just... Go take a cold shower, gym.

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