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18 Jokes You'll Only Get If You're A Big Ol' Loner

"Do you want to hang out?" IN THEORY.

1. This thing you wanted until you didn't:

2. This unavoidable consequence:

3. This moment of optimism:

4. This little voice in your head:

5. This double act:

6. This flip-flop:

7. That shit that's fun until it's not:

8. Those times you make an attempt...kind of:

9. And that time when you really made an attempt:

10. And this inevitable consequence:

11. This honest answer:

12. The eternal question:

13. Those contradictory desires:

14. This A+ social strategy:

15. This instant regret:

16. That time you should've been careful what you wished for:

17. This knee-jerk reaction:

18. This INFURIATING COMBINATION that just about sums you up: