20 Dramatic Tumblr Posts That Will Make You Say "Me"

    "Y'all need to chill," says me, who isn't chill, not even a little bit.

    1. This daily ritual:

    2. This impressive bit of acting:

    3. This perfect response for when someone dares stifle you:

    4. This confession that's low-key you:

    5. This word you don't know the meaning of:

    6. This self-assessment:

    7. This actual portrait of you definitely not overreacting:

    8. This beginning to what is bound to be a very long declaration.

    9. This exact moment when you're exposed as a hypocrite:

    10. This utter lack of chill in your foreseeable future:

    11. This moment you can never resist:

    12. This likely scenario:

    13. This proof that you're definitely the chillest person ever, totally:

    14. This mantra that never (always) fails:

    15. This callout:

    16. This advice you might wanna start taking yourself:

    17. This handy no-chill guide:

    18. This post that just about sums it up:

    19. This portrait of you, the chillest:

    20. And finally, this valiant effort: