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25 Mildly Irritating Things That Drive Introverts Crazy

Not in the mood for this "socializing" thing.

1. When you accidentally leave a place at the same time as someone else and have to walk together.

2. When you finally speak up after carefully thinking through what you want to say and find that the conversation has moved on.

3. When you run into friendly acquaintances and accidentally make eye contact before you can slip away unnoticed.

4. When you go out to eat by yourself and the host gives you a sympathetic look when you say, “Just me!”

5. When your friends bring other people to your plans without giving you a heads up.

6. When your delivery person slips two pairs of utensils into your food order to SHAME YOU AND YOUR CHOICES:

7. When you see pictures from an event you willingly skipped out on in favor of staying home and it looked fun after all.

8. When someone asks to share your table at a coffee shop where you’re working and you can’t say no without being a dick.

9. When you venture outside with a low phone battery.

10. When people cancel on you right after you finally decided you wanted to go out.

11. When your roommate corners you to ~talk~ after you get home from a long day.

12. When you get an email saying "We still on for drinks tonight?" and you totally forgot.

13. When your hair dresser tries to make small talk even though you’re totally fine just chilling there with your own thoughts.

14. When you get home late and have to go straight to sleep instead of enjoying a few hours of luxurious alone time.

15. When you want to leave a party but someone just won't let a conversation end.

16. When you go more than two consecutive days without having a quiet night at home.

17. When out-of-town friends decide to extend their stay.

18. When your friends don't invite you somewhere because they rightfully assume you would’ve turned it down.

19. When you forget a book at home and have nothing to do on public transport.

20. When there is no furry critter at a party to hang out with.

21. When people try to talk to you when you have your headphones on.

22. When people describe you as shy.

23. When you want to date but you don’t want to actually go on dates.

24. When you WANT to want to go to some big social event, but you can't decide if it'll actually be fun:

YEAH! It's the weekend! #IntrovertProblems

25. When people suggest that introverts are anything less than awesome and need to change: