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    23 Tumblr Posts That Sum Up Having Both Depression And Anxiety

    "If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my irregular cycles of crippling anxiety and depression."

    1. This annoying contradiction:

    2. And this one:

    3. These answers that never fail:

    4. This battle:

    5. These more accurate song lyrics:

    6. This post that sums it up pretty simply:

    7. The difference between how you feel and how you act:

    8. This life trajectory:

    9. These three different sides of you:

    10. This description that is just all too true:

    11. And this one:

    12. These relationship problems:

    13. These thoughts when you have to go to school:

    14. This unavoidable habit:

    15. This gripping trilogy:

    16. This meme that will make you laugh then cry:

    17. This super-fun game:

    18. This common problem:

    19. This peek inside your head:

    20. This standard trade-off:

    21. This picture that just nails it:

    22. This summary of your feelings, tbh:

    23. And finally, these things to keep in mind: