24 Tumblr Posts That Sum Up Your Complicated Relationship With Sleep

    *tries to get eight hours of sleep in three hours*

    1. This ridiculous notion:

    2. This cool party trick:

    3. This optimistic outlook:

    4. This unruly cycle:

    5. This night-and-day difference:

    6. This valiant effort:

    7. This very necessary extension:

    8. This relevant paradox:

    9. This beautiful dream:

    10. This oh-so-tempting productivity killer:

    11. And this alluring coping mechanism:

    12. This rude awakening:

    13. This daily countdown:

    14. This concept that sounds fake, tbh:

    15. This excellent point:

    16. This lie you always tell yourself:

    17. This proof that there are a million uses to sleep:

    18. This outrageous affront:

    19. This joke that you might just be serious about, honestly:

    20. The most frustrating pattern in the world:

    21. The song of your people:

    22. The rare occasion you're vaguely functional:

    23. That thing you tell yourself:

    24. And the truth, at the end of the day: