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    9 Reasons To Appreciate The Capricorns In Your Life

    Happy Capricorn season!

    Alida Barden / BuzzFeed

    1. Let’s be honest: Capricorns are going to take over the world, so you better get on the good side of as many as you can.

    Capricorns are superhuman ambitious achievement machines, so they're going to be running everything. Those are just the facts.

    2. They're the friend you go to if you need advice — they'll tell you what you really need to hear.

    There are friends whose advice for every predicament is, "DUMP HIM," and then there are Capricorns, wells of thoughtful, practical, and wise advice.

    3. Capricorns can always lend you a hand when it comes to networking.

    They cultivate all sorts of relationships and wind up having connections pretty much everywhere. And helping their connections connect? They thrive on it.

    4. You can always count on a Capricorn. If they say they'll do something, you know they'll follow through.

    We stan reliable legends!!!

    5. Capricorns are the underrated ~mom friends~ of the zodiac.

    Capricorn's polar sign (AKA opposite sign) Cancer often gets the rep for being the protective ones, but the two have that in common. Caps take pride in nurturing the people they care for, and like anything they do, they do an impeccable job at it.

    Alida Barden / BuzzFeed

    6. They're the definition of "work hard, play hard."

    Yeah, they can be workaholics sometimes, but Capricorns know how to have fun, too. You could even say they take their fun very seriously.

    7. Capricorns are so calm under pressure that it's almost impossible to freak out around them.

    In case of emergency, SUMMON A CAPRICORN.

    8. No one does dry and witty humor better than a Capricorn.

    I'll be honest, you either get a Capricorn's sense of humor, or you don't. They can be brutally sarcastic and a little dark, but damn are they hilarious.

    9. Capricorns can be extremely guarded — whether they seem it or not — so if a Capricorn has let you get close to them, it's a badge of honor.

    It's difficult to gain their trust, but once you have, you've got it made.