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23 Tumblr Posts That Hilariously Sum Up Having Boobs

With great breasts come great responsiboobity.

1. This pipe dream:

2. This feel you've definitely had:

3. That awkward moment when your boob disrespects you:

4. This. Just this:

5. These brilliant bra marketing ideas:

6. This simple but important campaign:

7. These masterful puns:

8. The most majestic way to take off your bra:

9. That moment when your boobs commit crimes against fashion:

10. This perfect representation of your tits as a Pokémon:

11. This gravity fail correction:

12. That time the Biebs knew your struggle:

13. The undeniable truth about THAT ONE SHIRT:

14. This sweet save:

15. This excruciating boob prison:

16. This A+ idea:

17. This uncalled for nipple drama:

18. This innocent question that'll make you laugh, then cry:

19. This problem you'd THINK designers would address:

20. This, whether you admit to it or not:

21. This ingenious use of boobs:

22. This reminder that they're not as ~cushiony~ as they seem:

23. And finally, this very important PSA: