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    23 Pictures That Perfectly Sum Up Attempting To Be Healthy

    You tried.

    1. When substitutions must be made:

    2. When you exercise portion control:

    3. When it's the thought that counts:

    4. When you're a responsible consumer:

    5. When you begrudgingly accept salad into your life:

    6. When you get creative:

    7. When you just need to detox:

    8. When your effort is wasted:

    9. When you regret your self-control:

    10. When you have to learn the basics:

    Nickelodeon / Via Twitter: @ITSPATRlCKSTAR

    11. When you're all about that life:

    12. When you just can't quit:

    13. When you gotta work with what you've got:

    14. When you manage to eat a vegetable and are like:

    15. When you tried:

    16. When you have to resist temptation:

    17. When the world is against you:

    18. When your fridge betrays you:

    19. When you actually get it right:

    20. When you can't stop your inner monologue when shopping:

    21. When you enjoy in moderation:

    22. When you went a little too far:

    23. When you just cannot anymore: