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    18 Skincare And Beauty Products That Are Perfect For Self-Care

    "I looked like Beyoncé kissed me when I woke up."

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to rave about the products they love to use for self-care. Here are their recs.

    And by the way — luxurious self-care that involves pampering yourself and tending to your body is super helpful for a lot of people, but it's definitely not everyone's definition of self-care. If you're looking for ways to take care of yourself that are a lot simpler, here are some important things you can do when you feel like shit.

    1. These luxe eye mask pads to help you kick back and relax (and to get rid of under-eye bags you have from all that stress).,

    "Every morning I use eye pads under my eyes after I wash my face! They help with the puffiness and dehydration." —caraf4dcd91f1b

    Get a pack of 15 pairs from Amazon for $19.97.

    2. This velvety cleansing cream that feels sooo nice that you'll never go to sleep without washing your face again.

    "Phytomer Doux Visage Velvet Cleansing Cream is just as luxurious feeling as it sounds. A little goes a long way so one bottle can easily last six months of a.m. and p.m. washing. It feels like life is paused for just a moment." —justicec467a7eddc

    Get it from Amazon for $23.59.

    3. This satisfying AF peeling gel that will be your new favorite (kind of gross) ritual.

    "It's so satisfying to be able to tangibly feel your dead skin being whisked away. And the glow you get after lasts all day. It's really addicting." —lbbrnn0814

    Get it from Amazon for $27.95 or Dermstore for $36.50.

    4. These healing bath salts that are a cheap way to fake your own spa treatment.

    "They're super inexpensive and a little goes a long way. They smell amazing and leave me feeling pampered without breaking the bank." —torea2

    Get a pack of two three-pound bags from Amazon for $21.99.

    5. This cold-pressed avocado oil for some after-shower self-massage to prep you for the best night's sleep ever.

    "At least once a week, I exfoliate my whole body then lather on cold-pressed avocado oil from my shoulders my toes. Then I’ll go to bed and have the best sleep ever. Make sure you don’t have anything important planned that same day because avocado oil smells like avocados!" —cassieb47f5c5c6b

    Get it from Amazon for $11.35.

    6. This set of K-beauty sheet masks, because let's be real, nothing quite makes you feel like you're having an indulgent date with yourself quite like a sheet mask.,

    "Two words: SHEET. MASKS. Any and all brands, drugstore or high-end." —hollys4af76bd26

    Get a set of 16 from Amazon for $8.49.

    7. This cult-favorite "18-in-1" soap that you can use to cool your skin, clear your sinuses, and sharpen your mind — or to clean your home to make it a comfortable, uplifting space.

    "Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Hemp Soap is amazing. You can use it to wash your face, body, or anything else (it has 18 uses). I love the tingling feeling that you get and it’s wonderful aromatherapy. The 32 oz. bottle lasts forever at a great price." —genivive1

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99.

    8. This scalp revival shampoo for anyone who needs a scalp massage — especially to soothe a dry, itchy, or flaky skin.

    "My most recent self-care product is the scalp revival line from Briogeo. This takes the cake for me in self-care department because I can draw up a bath, use the minty and invigorating scalp revival exfoliating shampoo (it really is as amazing as it sounds) and unwind. You can use the head massaging tool to really stimulate your scalp and it’s so relaxing. It’s a weekly ritual which makes me feel that I’m taking care of my scalp health and gives time to take focus off of life and focus on myself." —Melissa Slobodzian, Facebook

    Get it from Amazon or Sephora for $42.

    9. This tea tree shampoo and conditioner that will chill you the fuck out in the shower.

    "Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Oil Shampoo and Conditioner — refreshing and invigorating tingles. Smelling like the spa helps me stay calm and take deep breaths during the day because I'm breathing in the scent and going back to the spa in my mind." —Amanda Hayden Rawls, Facebook

    Get them from Target: the shampoo for $17.99 and the conditioner for $15.49.

    10. This body lotion that is basically a sleeping potion.

    Terri Pous / BuzzFeed / Via

    "Over the past few months, I've developed an elaborate nighttime relaxation system to ease myself into the right state of mind, but nothing's made me enjoy it quite as much as this Lush Sleepy lotion. Since I started using it a month ago, I've applied a liberal glop to my wrists and hands as I get into bed, and, like clockwork, I've gotten drowsy and managed to fall asleep within 20 minutes or so, which is HUGE for me. The lotioning ritual alone makes bedtime a part of my night I look forward to now, rather than dread." —Terri Pous (and btw, you can read her full review here)

    Get it from Lush for $9.95.

    11. This nighttime treatment cream for anyone who wants to wind down at night with a soothing skin ritual and wake up looking like royalty.

    "It is the best thing I've ever used on my face and it is a little pricey but worth every penny. It smells amazing and pushes moisture into your skin overnight. I used it all the time and my skin was clear and hydrated. It was beautiful, I looked like Beyoncé kissed me when I woke up." —shamoyak

    Get it from Amazon for $29.45.

    12. This refreshing face wash to pamper yourself until your skin is baby-soft.

    "The scent is so amazing and it leaves my skin soft. Great way to start and end each day!" —samw43139c1c0

    Get it from Sephora for $11+.

    13. This mint face mask for the perfect tingly sensory experience.

    "I swear by Queen Helene’s Mint Julep Masque. The mint gives the masque a cooling feeling (its also a little tingly but in a good way!) and it tightens the skin. It’s really helped shrink my pores and works great on oily, acne-prone skin. Plus it’s super cheap." —jassicaj

    Get it from Amazon for $7.30.

    14. This body oil that dispels stress and anxiety with the magic of lavender, rosemary, and frankincense.

    "It not only makes your skin soft and hydrated, the scent is so soothing. It is now part of my nightly routine. I use it right before bed by rubbing the oil in my hands and on my arms, and inhaling the lavender/frankincense mix scent that helps calm and relax me in order to fall asleep more quickly." —amberl4baa79531

    Get it from Campo Modern Aromatherapy for $49.

    15. This magical elixir — or, you know, cleansing serum — that can be used to either wash or moisturize your face while providing ~aromatherapy benefits~.

    "This is my self-care product that I will always have in my house. It’s powerful aromatherapy with nearly endless skin benefits. I am on my second bottle." —blairh4be1d768b

    Get it from Amazon for $45.

    16. This conditioner that might just help you with anxiety and depression.

    "It's made with a heaping portion of neroli oil, which is a clinically proven antidepressant and anti-anxiety treatment. The scent is made to linger in your hair, so you get a whiff of it every few seconds. It works wonders. Pair it up with a French Kiss lavender bubble bar (bubble baths ftw) and the Ickle Baby Bot bath bomb from Lush (with chamomile and lavender, both great for combating anxiety and depression) and you've got yourself the best night ever." —Kc Shoemake, Facebook

    Get it from Lush for $14.95.

    17. This nifty little dry brush for spending some one-on-one time with your body.

    "Dry brushing my bikini area every other day! I have very sensitive skin and am prone to ingrown hairs and follicle infections that cause massive abscesses. I thought a dry brush would make my skin more irritated, but it works wonders! And it’s so satisfying to watch all of that dead skin flake off." —gabz1016

    Get it from Amazon for $9.95.

    18. This set of cleansing oil, toner, and facial oil that might just make you feel like a witch enjoying her own potions.

    "When it comes to skincare as self-care, I'm just as much about the ritual of it as I am the results. Meaning, using it has to bring me as much pleasure as having had used it, otherwise it just feels like another chore on top of my already busy schedule. For that reason, I looove this set. Each vial has actual herbs and flowers floating around in it, which makes me feel like a witchy goddess slathering myself in her own elixirs. Especially if I do it by moonlight. Plus, my face is definitely more happy and glow-y since I started using it a month ago. Win-win!" —Anna Borges

    Get it from Honey Belle for $32.80.

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