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13 (Fictional) Amputees In Film And Television

Amputees are more of a pop-culture staple than you might realize- heroes, and villains.

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1. Lt. Dan Taylor, Forrest Gump, Bilateral Above-Knee


Oh Lt. Dan, Hollywood's quintessential amputee. Interestingly enough, double AK is considered a rare and rather extreme injury- and for a film to portray a double AK walking on full-height prosthetics with articulated knees is even less common. You go, Lt. Dan. ROCK those pre-Wounded-Warrior-Project hinged knees.

4. Darth Vader, Star Wars again, Quadruple

...Like father, like son! Anakin Skywalker loses his arm above-elbow to Count Dooku in Episode II, and his remaining three limbs to Obi Wan in Episode III- completing his transformation into the Sith Lord we all know and love. If only Emperor Palpatine's state-of-the-art limb replacement techniques actually existed...

6. Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody, Harry Potter, Single Above-Knee / Via

It is presumed that Mad-Eye, an Auror for the Ministry of Magic, lost both his leg and his eye to the Death Eaters, but it's never truly explained. His magical prosthetic leg is highly enviable, although he does require a cane and walks with a limp. Mad-Eye is one of the only amputees portrayed in film who is seen removing his prosthetic on-screen.

7. Peter Pettigrew, Harry Potter, Single Below-Elbow

Sometimes, The Dark Lord just demands a hand-sacrifice. And sometimes The Dark Lord is gracious enough to replace that hand with something better. I wonder if he has a little silver rat paw when he transforms?

9. Boris the Animal, Men in Black III, Single Above-Elbow

A lot of us wish we could have our limbs back, but this villain is a little more bitter about it than most. He can travel back in time, but he still can't get his past self to stop staring at his stump.

10. Azog the Defiler, The Hobbit, Single Below-Elbow

Azog the Defiler, the Pale Orc, King of Moria- and the proud owner of a sweet osseointegrated prosthetic hand. In the book, he is killed in battle by a dwarf named Dáin, but in the movie, Azog survives the battle and retreats into the Mines of Moria after Thorin severs his hand on the battlefield.

11. Cherry Darling, Planet Terror, Single Above-Knee

When she lost her leg to the zombie-like Sickos, Cherry Darling learned to walk again by following the same progression we all did- first with a table leg, and then a machine gun. On that note...

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