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    16 Facts That All Self-Respecting "Sailor Moon" Fans Should Know

    At one point, Disney wanted to get the rights to make a full "Sailor Moon" movie!

    1. The hand signs that Sailor Moon makes while she says her famous line, “In the name of the moon, I will punish you” means "I love you” in sign language.

    Tōei Animation / Via

    2. In the original series, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune are a lesbian couple. However, in the U.S. version, the show was changed so that they were cousins.

    Tōei Animation / Via

    And apparently, all of the Sailor Scouts had a huge crush on Sailor Uranus.

    3. The creator of Sailor Moon was inspired by the Power Rangers.

    Saban Entertainment, Tōei Animation

    In fact, manga artist Naoko Takeuchi had purposefully set out to make a girl's equivalent to the show, complete with five badass warrior ladies.

    4. Sailor Moon was actually supposed to have pink or silver hair after her transformation.

    Tōei Animation / BuzzFeed

    Takeuchi revealed that an editor recommended keeping the heroine's blonde hair because it would stand out better on the cover of comic books.

    5. Luna and Artemis are actually aliens. The manga series includes a backstory that reveals they came from the planet Mau, whose inhabitants can take on feline and humanoid forms.

    Tōei Animation / Via

    6. The U.S. originally planned to produce an Americanized version of the TV series, and there's a 17-minute pilot episode out there, somewhere.

    Toon Makers / Via

    The deal for Toon Makers, the animation studio who wanted to produce the full series, eventually fell through, and the two-minute promo video for the show was the only thing ever publicly released.

    7. In the original manga series, Sailor Venus was cursed so that she would never find the love of her life.

    Tokyopop / Via

    8. Zoisite is actually a gay man, but in the German and English dubbed versions of the show, his character is given a woman's voice.

    Tōei Animation

    9. Sailor Mercury isn't technically allergic to love or love letters — her hives could just be a stress response.

    Tōei Animation

    10. In the Polish translation of the manga series, Sailor Saturn was mistakenly translated as "SAILOR SATAN".

    Tōei Animation

    11. Disney once planned to secure the rights to Sailor Moon, in order to make a feature film.

    Limji1234 [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons, Tōei Animation / Via

    However, the manga series author Naoko Takeuchi disapproved – and the plan was discarded.

    12. Takeuchi also named Usagi's parents and brother after her own family members.

    Tōei Animation

    13. Sailor Mars is left-handed. You can tell when she fires her arrow with her left hand.

    Tōei Animation

    14. Before she began drawing manga, Takeuchi studied chemistry and pharmacology – and successfully completed her studies with a thesis about the "Increased Growth of Thromboses using Ultrasound."

    giphy / Via

    15. Luna's human form is only one year younger than Bunny / Usagi.

    Tōei Animation

    16. And finally, the Sailor Starlights are men "in real life" but when they transform, they turn into female warriors.

    This post was translated from German.

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