11 Clever IKEA Hacks That Will Make You Wonder Why You Hadn't Thought Of These Before

    Here's how to make your own charging station and also a moon lamp!!

    1. Use a little acrylic paint to transform the ultra cheap FADO table lamp into an out-of-this-world moon lamp.

    2. Or take two KULLEN chests and whip up this rose gold-trimmed dressing table.

    3. Clean out that extra closet space and turn it into a mudroom by using the BESTÅ and BILLY storage units.

    4. Turn the TORKAD paper towel holder into a stylish wine glass holder, just like the kind you see at fancy bars.

    5. Have a lot of guests, but not enough space? Use the LACK nesting tables to construct an extendable coffee table...

    6. And speaking of the LACK table: You can also use it to create a neat and handy charging station.

    7. For people who have a particularly large collection of earrings: The MACKAPÄR shoe rack can be easily transformed into an earring holder.

    8. If you like to snuggle up on the couch with a book, you should definitely make this extendable reading light for your wall using the FRÄCK mirror and the HOLMÖ floor lamp.

    9. Very fancy: This makeup table is made out of two EKBY ALEX shelves.

    10. Turn two plain old MALM dressers into this beautiful piece of bobbin furniture.

    11. And finally: This IKEA bag hack will help any bride navigate the bathroom on their big day like a BALLER. You're welcome!

    For more IKEA hacks, head over to ikeahackers.net!

    This post was translated from German.