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    29 People Who Were Low Key Like "Well, At Least I Tried"

    What's done is done.

    1. This children's book author:

    2. This contractor:

    3. Whoever was in charge of this pavement job:

    4. And this one:

    5. This chef de cuisine:

    6. And this one, too:

    7. Whoever installed this cabinet here:

    8. And this sink designer:

    9. This illustrator:

    10. Whoever was in charge of accessibility:

    11. Whoever built this parking garage:

    12. And whoever put this pole here:

    13. The designer behind this bottle holder:

    14. The cake decorator who was supposed to "use the memory stick" for the pic:

    15. Whoever put this clock here:

    16. And whoever did **gestures expansively** this:

    17. This logo designer:

    18. Whoever was in charge of carpeting these stairs:

    19. Whoever fell asleep on the production line here:

    20. This toy manufacturer:

    21. This interior designer:

    22. This gastronomist:

    23. lol, whoever's responsible for this:

    24. This hat designer:

    25. And definitely the person responsible for this billboard:

    26. Whoever made this baby sweater:

    27. This mail carrier:

    28. This failed baker:

    29. And finally, whoever's manning the salad bar:

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    This post was translated from German.